Merian van Rooijen



The online gallery offers an overview of work that can be purchased directly. If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, then you would probably like to see it in real life. There are various options for this, from studio visits to art on location. Reserving a work of art and making an appointment to see it is completely without obligation. Feel free to contact, even if you are not yet sure about purchasing an artwork. Payment will only take place upon transfer.


T + 31 6 43 76 33 58

Studio visits (by appointment only)

Bernhardstraat 38
4175 EE Haaften


The prices of the works available are shown in the online gallery. Please feel free to call or send an e-mail for information. Delivery in The Netherlands, excluding the Wadden Islands, costs € 0.35 per kilometer but is free for purchases above € 1,500.00.

Express interest

You can express your interest in a work of art by telephoning or emailing. Please indicate clearly which work of art it concerns. The artwork will then be reserved for you and an appointment made for a studio visit, art on location or direct delivery.

Art on location

With ‘art on location’ you can see how a work of art will look in the location of your choice, for example at home or at the office. If desired, several works of art can be brought to assess which is most suitable. Should you decide that none of the pieces is suitable, a fee of € 0.35 per kilometer will be charged.

Delivery and installation

A work of art can be delivered and – if desired – installed, so that you can be sure that it hangs or stands properly. Will the artwork be unveiled during an opening or other event? The means can then be provided to make this as momentous and as smooth as possible. Special gift packaging is also an option.

Merian van Rooijen