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Commissioned art

Commissioned art

Among the commissioned artworks of Merian van Rooijen you will find various examples of works of art that have been created on request for organizations and private individuals. They include pieces for the opening of a new building, for an anniversary or wedding, and exclusive business gifts. Each piece was made in consultation with the client and so is personal and unique. The works range from one piece to limited edition art works.


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Commissioning art follows five steps:

1. Orientation

During our first conversation we ‘spar’ with each other about how to realise your specific requirements, addressing following questions: What is the reason for the artwork? What is your ‘story’ behind the artwork? What about size and location? What conditions must the work of art meet? Are there technical specifications to take into account? When do you want the artwork to be ready? What is your budget? 

2. Concept

Do our ideas during our first conversation (orientation) ‘click’? If they do, then we move on. One to three concepts are devised, based on your story and wishes and your budget. Moodboards permit an exchange of ideas about the concept that best suits your wishes. Often a concept will immediately stand out. If deemed desirable, Merian will make a site visit prior to this phase to gain insight into the space, context and light.

3. Design

With your feedback, the chosen concept will be developed into a concrete design, in which format, material and other (technical) specifications are worked out. Final details will be coordinated together during the presentation of the design. For large projects, several ‘rounds’ may be required to arrive at a final design.

4. Implementation
Into the studio! The design becomes real and tangible, by Merian personally or – for large-scale projects – in collaboration with partners. Depending on the size of the project, it is possible to visit the studio one or more times during implementation. This way you stay personally involved and any questions you might have can be answered. Always a special experience for those who do not often visit an artist studio.
5. Delivery and installation

The artwork is finished. The time has come for its (personal) delivery and, if applicable, installation by Merian. The installation of heavy or special objects is done in collaboration with partners. This way you can be sure that the work of art hangs or stands properly. Will the artwork be unveiled during an opening or other event? The means can then be provided to make this as momentous and smooth as possible. Special gift packaging is also possible.



The starting price for commissioned art is € 3,000.00 (excl. VAT) and encompasses concept, design, implementation (including materials), delivery and installation. Naturally, the price will depend on the size and complexity of the project. For work producing a series, such as awards and promotional gifts, this is a starting price for the whole project.

Express interest

You can express your interest in commissioning art by telephoning or emailing. Please indicate in advance what type of artwork and/or occasion it concerns. An appointment will then be made for an introductory meeting in the studio or on location. This meeting is completely without obligation and its purpose is to explore options.

Terms of delivery

The delivery conditions of BOK (Professional Organization of Artists) apply to all works of art.

Merian van Rooijen